Monday, 6 January 2014

How to Dev Unlock your Nokia Lumia device

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Today I unlocked my Lumia 520 to show you how can our readers unlock device to run 1GB games like Temple Run 2. It is helpful to users who can't afford or who don't have high end devices. The games which I tested on Lumia 520 were: Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Temple Run: OZ, Temple Run: Brave. The good part is that all the games ran on Lumia 520 without any lag. I hope that the games will run well on other devices also like Lumia 620 and Lumia 720. I will surely check these games on other devices and tell all of you about them. For now below is the video and if have any queries, ask me in the comments.


Can we unlock our Lumia device though windows 7 computer?

sandeepmani said... 31 October 2014 at 07:34

How to unlock Lumia 520

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