Tuesday, 30 September 2014

One product family, One platform, One store. Thats' new Windows 10

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Microsoft just unveiled its next operating system, which it has decided to call Windows 10 instead of Windows 9. According to The Verge, Microsoft designed the new operating system to run on the ”broadest types of devices ever,” which suggests it will unify the tablet, desktop, laptop and mobile experiences in some fashion. Windows 10 will offer one application store that can be used to purchase apps across all platforms. Microsoft says there’s “one product family,” “one platform” and “one store” for Windows 10 devices.

Since it’s an operating system build around all types of devices, Microsoft is taking the opportunity to specifically target the enterprise market, where companies can deploy not just a phone, but perhaps another device like a laptop or tablet, out in the field to employees. IT managers will be able to manage all of the devices from one place.

The "Metro" start screen and Microsoft's traditional Start Menu have been combined; no longer is the screen one huge grid of tiles for desktop users.

What do you feel about new Windows 10? let us know in comments!
Source The Verge
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Nokia Play To app gets a worthy update

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Microsoft has pushed a worthy update for their Play To app on Windows Phone with plenty of new changes. Play To app allows Lumia smartphone users to stream media content to DLNA devices (although we imagine that the app will ditch the Nokia brand any day now).

New in v3.5.1.1:

  • Scale images to Full HD or 4K Ultra HD
  • Share images from your OneDrive albums
  • Turn shuffle on and off while playing music
What do you think of this latest Nokia Play To update?

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Nokia India hints at the Lumia 730 launch in India

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Nokia India was busy yesterday sending out press invites to the tech media for a event for October 1, 2014. While the invite does not specify the plans for the afternoon, from what we know, the Lumia 830 will be launched at the event. Again, there's no price indication and the rumors put the price to be anywhere from ₹21,000-30,000 (US$340-480). Now Nokia India Facebook and Twitter pages went straight forward to another device that awaits launch in India. It's the selfie phone, aka Lumia 730.
The current tweet from Nokia India suggests that its the Lumia 730 which is going to be announced.

There's not been a shrug like that for the Lumia 930, or a nod like that for the Lumia 830. Maybe the device is announced to be made available a little later, or we are all surprised with the simultaneous launch of the phones. If Lumia 830 is priced at over ₹25,000, a sub-₹20,000 Lumia 730 would be a great alternative for customers looking for a mid-range dual SIM smartphone.
While no phone accessories will be announced (sad, I know), a nifty, utility device might just be launched. Also, while there will be no exclusive tie-up with any online retailer as is increasingly becoming a trend in India, there might be a special promotion in partnership with one.
So what are your plans? Will you be picking any device?
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Monday, 29 September 2014

Lumia 830 coming to China very soon

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Liveside.sino reports that Microsoft has officially announced the Nokia Lumia 830, Microsoft’s “affordable flagship” as coming soon in China.

The handset will cost 2,399 Yuan ($390) and be available in Orange, Green, Black, and White.

While the handset will be available through all sales channels, when sold though the large retail chain Jingdong Mall and the online Microsoft Store on the 13th October buyers will have a chance win an Xbox One.

The handset features a 10 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, a thin metal framed design that’s only 8.5 m thick, HD screen and Snapdragon 400 processor and will run the latest Lumia Denim, which brings much faster camera performance and brings Cortana to China. 
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Official: Poki 2.0 for Windows Phone 8.1 coming on 2nd October

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We just came to know about the fact that Poki 2.0 release day is made official and is releasing on 2nd October. This announcement was made by the developers on twitter few days back but it went out of sight. We have got a update for the Beta app too with some changes but the official version is due to launch on 2nd October.
Poki 2.0 has a lot of improvements including a big change of all of its upcoming additions, improvements and other changes. All in all, we are pretty excited about its launch and we can't wait to get our hands on the final public version next week.
Just in case you are unfamiliar with Poki, it's basically a third party client for the Pocket online service where users can save web articles to their device and read them later without the need of an Internet connection.
You can check out the 1.0 version of Poki right now in the Windows Phone Store. If you are a current user of Poki, are you excited about the 2.0 version coming on October 2nd?

Source: Twitter; Via: WPCentral
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Friday, 26 September 2014

Appy Weather gets a nice Live Tiles touchup update

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Appy Weather is something unique for Windows Phone that needs no introduction. The weather app has a minimalistic appearance and delivers a decent amount of forecast information to your Windows Phone. Along with a simple interface and weather alerts, Appy Weather delivers the forecast information in a traditional sense but also in a practical sense. The app is recently updated to version 1.1 that includes a host of changes to the Live Tile settings and a few layout tweaks.
The change log for version 1.1 of App Weather includes the following changes to the Windows Phone app.

  • Added new "Now only (minimal)" and "Now + Today" live tile options for the wide front tile.
  • Slightly increased temperature size on the "Now only" wide live tile.
  • Streamlined text on "Now only" wide live tile when the weather is mostly cloudy.
  • Added setting to use bigger icons on live tile's regular tile size (by hiding 'Tomorrow' column on back tile).
  • Regular live tile's front side will now display your location's name.
  • Later column in all live tiles will now always cover the entire remainder of the day (previously it covered the next 12 hours).
  • Added setting to hide today's weather from the Next 7 Days chart (now hidden by default, and so if you want to bring it back must go into Settings to do so).
  • Fixed issue when changing themes where the icon colors would sometimes not immediately update.
Additionally, if you were using the app before this update and your trial has expired then the developer has reset the trial database. This will allow everyone to give the updated version a try to see if the changes are enough to knock you off the fence.

Download Here(Trial/$3.99, 512 MB Supported)
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Asphalt Overdrive races to the Windows Phone Store

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As promised earlier, Gameloft has released the latest game to add on their racing games lineup. Overdrive is the latest installment in the Asphalt mobile racing series. This new racing game from Gameloft is available for free, but does include in-app purchases.

Here's all the details about the latest racing game:

- Unlock and drive 30 high-performance, fully licensed vehicles such as the iconic Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa!
- Improve and upgrade your car to dominate the California streets
- Challenge yourself with 7 different types of racing: Escape the police, defeat bosses, avoid obstacles, and perform impressive stunts while you race!

- Drive fast across the gorgeous highways of Southern California
- Enjoy a subtly retro “new '80s” atmosphere
- Stunning visuals thanks to real-time lighting and particle effects

- Connect to Facebook to play with or against your friends
- Join a gang to team up with friends and achieve weekly objectives full of speed and action!
- Track your progress and show off your skills as you advance in League championships
- Compete in limited-time, Gang, and League events as you battle your way to the top of the leaderboards!

Grab the game Here(Free/512 MB supported)

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Nokia HERE Maps will 'wind down our Windows Phone app development' in favor of Android and iOS

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Nokia's HERE Maps division won't be spending as much development time on the Windows Phone platform as it has in the past. In a new interview with The Next Web, Sean Fernback, the Senior Vice President, Everyday Mobility, at the company's HERE division, is quoted as saying, "As a result of the transaction, we're having to wind down our Windows Phone app development and shift it over towards Android and iOS."

The "transaction" Fernback is referring to is, of course, Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division in April. Nokia has made no secret of the fact that it wants to expand its HERE Maps efforts so it can be a viable competitor to Google Maps. A few weeks ago, it launched an Android version of its HERE Maps app for Samsung smartphones and will expand that app to more Android devices, as well as iOS, later this year.

In today's interview, Fernback says that while the Windows Phone development of HERE Maps may not be getting as much attention anymore, it won't be going away completely. He added, "It's a dialogue we're having [with Microsoft], so we will see where it takes us." It's more than possible that the two companies could reach an agreement that will allow HERE Maps to continue heavy development on the Windows Phone front.

HERE Maps launched as a Windows Phone, and Nokia Lumia smartphones, exclusive in 2013, in a rebranding of Nokia Maps. Nokia also released a version of the app for Windows 8.1. Do you think Nokia is making the right or wrong decision in scaling down their Windows Phone efforts for HERE Maps?

Via: WPCentral
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Karbonn debuts Windows Phone market with Titanium Wind W4

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Here is yet another Indo-China OEM with the their first Windows Phone device. As promised back, more and more Indo-China brands are debuting in the Windows Phone market with under $100 segment. The device is available for sale exclusively on Amazon India for Rs. 5,999 ($99), bringing it on par with the Lumia 530 as the most affordable Windows Phone handset available in the country.
Spec-wise, you're looking at a 4-inch WVGA (800 x 480) display, 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU (possibly the Snapdragon 200), 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal memory, microSD slot, 5 MP camera with LED flash, front-facing shooter, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and 3G connectivity along with dual-SIM functionality. No word on the battery or the quality of the frontal camera, but you would be glad to know that the device runs Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box.
The Titanium Wind W4 comes in white, black and red color variations, although currently you can only buy the white version. If you're looking for alternatives in the budget segment from local vendors, there's the Micromax Canvas Win W121 and the Xolo Win Q900s.

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Flipkart brings major changes with the latest app update

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We editors don't have any resting time. As I was heading to get some sleep, I got a popup saying about Flipkart app update, which rather seems to be a major one. Flipkart not only made it as a Android day but gave update with the same features to Windows Phone users too.
Now onto version, the update brings a cleaner interface as well as new features, like the ability to find products by voice search.
If you're at a brick and mortar store and are looking to find how much that particular product costs on Flipkart, you can now do so by scanning the barcode directly from within the app. You can also select multiple filters, cancel or return your orders and manage your delivery addresses. Here's a full list of changes:

  • Bored of same home screen every time you open the app? Try the new app.
  • Don't want to go back to browse page to see next product. Simply swipe left/ right on product page.
  • Like a product in an offline store. Want to check Flipkart price, simply scan its barcode.
  • Feeling lazy? Find products quickly by voice search.
  • Tired of entering address every time while placing order, Save your addresses now.
  • Want to cancel / return order from the app. Just a touch away in my orders.
  • That's not all, folks! No more zero results when you select multiple filters.
  • Enjoy more real estate when you browse products. A better Offer Zone experience.
  • Tired of entering address every time while placing order. Add/ edit/ manage your addresses now.
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

UC Browser picks up a major update with refreshed UI and more

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UC Browser picked up a significant update today which sees the introduction of a new user interface along with a host of new features. Designed for Windows Phone 8.1 devices, the browser has a nifty gesture based tab management feature that allows you to switch between tabs with ease. And it renders the web beautifully on a 1080p display.

The switch to version 4 marks the biggest update yet for the popular browser, as evidenced by the list of changes:
  • Redesigned user interface for a better visual experience
  • Richer site navigation
  • Merged Address Bar and Search Box
  • Better Tab Management (for WP devices with at least 1GB RAM)
Be sure to check out the new changes in UC Browser, and let us know what you like (and don't) in the comments below.
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Microsoft details the new features of Cortana

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What's new in Cortana? Microsoft has just detailed a few changes and additions they've recently made to your favorite digital assistant. We've already covered a few of them, like the new NFL game predictions, but it's nice to see Microsoft give Cortana a "changelog" of sorts.

What's new in Cortana:

  • NFL predictions
  • Dictionary
  • Health and fitness
  • New interests in Cortana's Notebook
  • Do more with apps
  • Say what?

Cortana can now predict the outcome of NFL games. Here's how you can trigger the response: "Who will win the [team name] versus [team name] game?" Or, just ask about your favorite team and say, "Who will win the [team name] game?"
We also recently detailed how Cortana is now a dictionary. All you need to do is say something to Cortana like, "Define nudiustertian."
You can also ask Cortana fitness related questions and get answer that open up the Bing Health & Fitness app. A nifty trick if you're getting into shape.
The ability to 'do more with apps' is Microsoft highlighting voice interaction with a few apps. For example, the ability to ask "Facebook, what's up with Todd?". And 'say what?' is Microsoft pointing out a few of the cool chitchat sayings that have been added, like "Do an impression".

What's your favorite thing to do with Cortana?

Via: WPCentral
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Asphalt Overdrive from Gameloft is coming Thursday

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During E3 this year, Gameloft announced the latest game in the Asphalt series of racers. Surprisingly, the next Asphalt won't be Asphalt 9. Instead, the series is spinning off in a new direction with Asphalt Overdrive. Instead of a serious arcade-style racer, the new Asphalt will be an endless racer – sort of like Gameloft's recently released Spider-Man Unlimited or Sega's Crazy Taxi City Rush.
Players who are wondering how well Asphalt works as an endless racer plays won't have to wait long to find out. Today Gameloft announced that Asphalt: Overdrive will be coming to Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 this Thursday, September 25! The publisher also released a new trailer to celebrate the news. Keep reading for the trailer.

The Windows Phone version will run on devices with 512 MB of RAM, so nobody has to miss out on the endless racing. The Windows 8 version will exclusively feature landscape support, since Windows 8 PCs tend to be locked to that orientation.
Asphalt Overdrive will be free with in-app purchases when it arrives on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 this Thursday.

Via: WPCentral
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The Taj Mahal Palace goes all green as Microsoft launches Xbox One in India

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As the clocks stuck midnight, the iconic Taj Mahal Palace turned green and the latest console from Microsoft officially launched in India and delivered the first console to its owner.
Xbox One offers a huge exclusive games lineup including Forza Horizon 2, Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, and Ryse: Son of Rome. In addition, popular third-party blockbusters will be available on Xbox One with early exclusivity for downloadable content in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, and more.
The hotly anticipated, new-generation games and entertainment system from Microsoft brings the biggest blockbuster games, the most advanced multiplayer experience, games plus entertainment like live TV, Skype, sports, fitness, music and movies, all to one single device at the center of your living room and available at the command of your voice, powered by Kinect. It's time to experience and celebrate the power of the all-in-one gaming and entertainment device.

After a few weeks of pre-order period, Xbox One is now available for sale exclusively at www.amazon.in/xboxone. The standalone unit is available for ₹39,990 ($650) and the Xbox One with Kinect is priced at ₹45,990 ($750).
With the iconic Taj Mahal Palace lit up to reflect the launch celebration for Xbox One in India and spectacular performances through the evening, Microsoft put up an impressive kick-off for their next-generation console. It's not cheap, but passionate console gamers might just look beyond that. Would you want to buy the Xbox One? Tell us in the comments!
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Monday, 22 September 2014

Oculus keynote event hints at native Windows Phone apps

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It looks like Oculus may be supporting native apps for its platform. In a keynote presentation, Oculus
had shown off a slide revealing that native apps will be coming to Apple's iOS, Google's Android, and Microsoft's Windows Phone.
No additional details were given about the coming support for native apps for Oculus coming to Windows Phone, but when this happen, would you be excited at seeing more content coming? Let us know what your thoughts are.

Via: WPCentral
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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cortana can now help you with word definitions

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Microsoft is working hard making various enhancements to its assistance. A new backend update rolled out for Cortana few hours ago enabling users to find a definition of a word. The definitions are powered by Oxford Dictionaries.
Load up Cortana and directly ask her 'What does _____ mean?' alternatively, 'What is the meaning of ____?' and the personal assistant from 500 years in the future pulls up a nice little card, complete with the word category and multiple definitions while exclaiming "I've found the meaning of…".
Additionally sometimes you will also get option for see more taking you directly to the corresponding page on the Oxford site. Some definitions also come up under Bing's dictionary as well so your results may vary.
This tool should be particularly useful for those learning English as a second language, and we presume this word-lookup feature expands to other languages in the future.
Is looking up words a useful feature for you? How do you think Microsoft could make it better?

Pic Credits: WPCentral
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Friday, 19 September 2014

Facebook Messenger and Truecaller get updated

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As the week comes to end, we get our amazing developers here with some more app updates. Yesterday, our own app for Windows Phone received the update. Today we are seeing Facebook Messenger and Truecaller getting update. As these apps need no introduction, we are moving straight to the change log of the latest updates.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger gets another update for Windows Phone but don't get excited because the update seems to be a minor bug fix. 

What's New:


Truecaller is one of the most useful app available today for the users. The current update brought features from Android to Windows Phone with some additional ones too. Head below for the detailed change log.

What's New:
  • Find People Easily Through People You May Know.
  • Introducing Truecaller badges : True Badge, Verified, Premium and Ambassador!
  • Faster app launching
  • Now supporting Hebrew
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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Official Windows App Mania app gets another major update for Windows Phone

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Three Cheers to our readers as we move our app to v4.0.0.0 with the latest update. We have got many bug reports on our app and we have sorted them. As a bonus we have added some more small features to the app making it more usable and nice. We have added Rate and Review button to our app so that you can review the app easily. Also we have added a option for Feedback/Suggestions so that you can disturb us more (Just Kidding!!) by sending more and more Email suggestions to improve our app.
Here's all the details on the update:

  •  - Added Rate and Review option in the about section (Go to ...>About>Rate and Review)   
  •   - Added Feedback and Suggestion option (Go to ...>Feedback/Suggestion in the Main Page).
  •   - Changed Colours of some tabs (More to come soon in next update).
  •   - Removed Cortana Integration due to crashes in Windows Phone 8 (Temporary).
You can download our free app from Windows Phone Store Here (With Ads). Additionally if you love our app, then you can buy our app to remove ads and support us. Buy our paid app Here ($0.99). 
Additional if you want to help us to improve our app, then you can join our beta program and get early access to our latest features. Signup for Beta app Here.
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Subway Surfers heads to Cairo in the latest update

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It is time for another monthly update as the popular endless runner Subway Surfers head to ancient land of Egypt and specifically the city of Cairo in the latest update. We need not to say more about this game so head below for the official change log of the update.
  • The Subway Surfers World Tour continues in Egypt
  • Explore Cairo with Jasmine, the adventurous princess
  • Use extra Headstarts to begin your run at higher speed
  • Complete more missions in one run to earn cool Awards
  • Boost your collection with new powerful Board Upgrades
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Rumor: Microsoft testing upcoming version of Office

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While Microsoft has already schedule the Windows 9, aka Threshold event on 30th September there has been rumors buzzing on the internet stating that Microsoft is testing the new version of Office. According to The Verge, the software maker has been sending out preview builds of the upcoming version of Office to partners and testers.
One of the new additions in Office 16 is the "Tell Me" helper utility that made its debut in the Office Online apps. From the screenshots, it looks like Microsoft is integrating the feature as a search box which sits at the top of a document in Word.
Another interesting addition is a dark theme, which will be offered alongside light gray, dark gray, and white. The default theme will still be white, but for users seeking an alternative that is easier on the eyes, there is the dark theme.
Other feature additions include automatic image rotation, which allows Microsoft to access an image's metadata to automatically fix orientation. Users will still be able to manually rotate images should the need arise. Outlook is also said to get new feature additions, with users getting the ability to download 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, or 14 days of email.

So, folks what do you think of this new addition to the Threshold event?

Source: The Verge; Via: WPCentral
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Xbox Music grabs another update for Windows Phone

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It is update time for those who are rocking Windows Phone 8.1 on their devices. Xbox Music team just pushed an update for the app addressing some of the bugs and other changes in the app. Head to the Windows Phone Store and you'll see version of the app sitting there. A minor bump from the version 2.6.224 that arrived on August 27.

What's new in this update:

The Xbox UserVoice team have updated us with the changelog which states: "This release we focused on improving quality -- Among other important bug fixes, version 2.6.288 prevents an unexpected app exit that could happen when playing music during collection sync! We hope this update makes your music listening just a little bit smoother!"

Let us know if you find something new.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Developers now no longer need to pay every year to keep apps in the Store [Updated]

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Here is something that will make every single developer party out. Microsoft has just made some changes in the Dev Center which removes the annual subscription method which means that now developers don't need to pay every year to keep their apps in the Windows Store. We don't exactly know why Microsoft took this step but we will inquire about it and update this post accordingly. We think this step is taken to attract developers to Windows platform by removing annual subscriptions.
Earlier Microsoft used to charge approx $19 every year to the developers to keep their apps in the Store. Removing this barrier will encourage more and developers to choose Windows Platform over Android or iOS.
My reaction to this: Being a developer, I feel this is the best Microsoft could do right now to help the Windows Store grow. I am super excited to see the result of this change which may come sooner or later. For now let's welcome this change by circulating this information to the developers. We hope this will bring more new apps and some new exclusives to the Windows Store.

Note: We are confirming to more developers about this change and also we have reached Microsoft to know the reason and possibility for this change. We will update this post as soon as we receive a word from them.

Update: Ex-Microsoftie, Nawzil just confirmed me that this change is rolling out for all the developers.

Update 2: We also got confirmation from top Developers like Ertay Shashko for the same.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 2 will not come on October 8

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It was a day back when wpworld.pl started a rumor that WP8.1 GDR2 will start rolling out on 8th October for Preview for Developers users based on a claim from a supposed Microsoft employee, Sylwester Salek. This report is Fake. Many sites including WPCentral, WMPoweruser and other chinese websites reported this and said it might be true. We have got a word from Ex-Microsoftie, Nawzil that the new update will not come on October 8 and the leaked info was totally false. Nawzil made a vague statement saying that he had already set the Facebook event to 8th October but didn't approve the rumor to be true.
Now, we saw wpworld.pl reacting to this and had published a post saying the rumor is false and Sylwester Salek is not a Microsoft employee or leaker at all and it’s nothing more than a false rumor.
Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 is rumored to bring these features:
-The ability to create groups of applications in the application list.
-Sorting options in the Settings.
-File manager application becomes a system, so as to be able to use other applications.
-The ability to change the default messages application.
-News communications – DLNA, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth Profiles.

We apologize for the wrong information we provided to our readers. This is why we should not trust anyone on the internet. We are extremely sorry for the wrong info provided by us and we assure that this won't happen in future. We will confirm the identity of the person before taking his leak on to our account. Stay tuned with us because we still believe that the the genuine dates will be out soon. Till then enjoy Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 and also let us know what features you want from Microsoft inn future updates.
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6cret finally makes its way to the Windows Phone Store

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6cret is now out for Windows Phone. 6cret is a new app from Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn and is a client for infamous app Secret. We've known for a few weeks that Rudy was working on a Secret client for Windows Phone. Not familiar with Secret? It's a very popular app on Android and iOS where users can leave anonymous messages to their circle of friends.

Here's what you can do with 6cret:

  • Secret posts come from friends, but you won't know which one.
  • Write back anonymously.
  • When people love your secret, it spreads to their friends and can travel around the world.
  • Say what you're really thinking and be yourself.

6cret allows you to post anonymous messages with friends, co-workers and people nearby. It's taking a bit of flak in the media lately for allowing school children to anonymous bully classmates. But with most things, it's a tool and how you use that tool is ultimately up to you.

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Microsoft announces Windows 9 event to take place on September 30th

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After a few leaks and speculation surrounding a Windows 9 event set for September 30th, Microsoft has now made it official. The next steps for Windows and the Enterprise will be announced in San Francisco on September 30th according to invites now being sent out and it's highly expected a technical preview of the new OS code named Threshold will see release.

Microsoft has already stated that the next version of Windows will bring back a version of the Start menu for the desktop UI that went missing with the launch of Windows 8. It will also have the ability to run Modern apps in windows on the desktop. Rumors about Threshold claim that Microsoft may do away with the Charms bar in Windows 8, along with adding support for virtual desktops and the Cortana digital assistant that's currently being used for Windows Phone 8.1.

Via: WPCentral
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Monday, 15 September 2014

Breaking News: Microsoft owns Minecraft

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After big rumors and leaks, finally Microsoft has made it official that the company is buying Mojang and the Minecraft franchise. While Microsoft isn’t revealing exactly how much it’s paying for Mojang, Reuters previously suggested the deal is worth $2.5 billion.
There are a number of likely reasons why Microsoft is buying Minecraft, and some analysts believe the move could boost Windows Phone’s prospects. Minecraft has been a popular app on iOS and Android, but the game isn’t currently available on Windows Phone. It’s hard to imagine a version not existing on Windows Phone in future after today’s deal, but Microsoft may also choose to add additional features and benefits to its own Windows version to entice Android and iOS users.
Minecraft was originally released in test form five years ago as an indie game that allows players to shape an environment by crafting and building constructions out of blocks. Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time, with more than 100 million downloads, on PC alone, from players since its launch in 2009. Microsoft's relationship with Mojang began when they initially talked to the team about bringing Minecraft to the console. Minecraft quickly became the top online game on Xbox Live, with over two billion hours played on Xbox 360 in the last two years.
If Microsoft can tap into that culture without upsetting the millions of devoted fans, then it could serve to open up Minecraft to even bigger audiences as a tool for building, education, and development.
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Rumor: Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 2 might come in October to Preview for Developer users

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Windows Phone 8 GDR 2 is rumored to be coming soon, and now an exact date may have leaked out. This update is rumored to bring features such as a data toggle in the Action Center, Sortable Settings, Support for new processors and Cortana coming in Alpha to more regions.
Sylwester Salek, contributor to Polish site WPWorld.pl, has posted on twitter screen shots of what appears to be Cortana working in Polish.

He has stated that the update will be coming on the 8th October to Preview for Developer users, less than a month from now, which seems to match up with other rumours.
Check his tweet after the break.
In my opinion, Microsoft is just creating confusion among users but releasing different updates for Preview for Developers, while many didn't even got the Windows Phone 8.1+Cyan update.

Are you happy with this news? What do you thing about this move from Microsoft?

Source: WMPowerUser
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Rumor: Microsoft dropping 'Phone' from 'Windows Phone'

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The upcoming My Go GoPhone GF47W seems to have dropped the "Phone" part of "Windows Phone" on the back of its case, based on images posted on the recently leaked website.

As one can see from the photo above, taken from a high res collection of images made for retailer use, the logo on the back clearly shows the regular Windows logo, rather than Windows Phone. This is in keeping with previous rumors and reports, combined with our own sources, that indicate Microsoft is slowly ditching the "Windows Phone" label for its mobile OS in order to provide a unified marketing push for Windows on PC, tablets and phones. Indeed, the phasing out of 'Phone" is already taking place with the recent launch of HTC One for Windows, rather than "Windows Phone."
Do you think Microsoft is making the right decision in phasing out "Phone" from the Window Phone logo?

Via: WPCentral
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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Microsoft: Responding to reviews boosts your ratings

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It was a month ago when Microsoft revealed the promised responding system for Windows Phone Developers. It allows Windows Phone Developers to respond to the consumer feedback on their apps. Now a month later, Microsoft has shared some details on the success of the program so far. For example, most developers see an average star rating increase of +1.2 when they respond to reviews.

Number of daily responses to user reviews

Respond to reviews allows for increased customer satisfaction and better ratings overall. Here are three things observed by Microsoft since launching the program:

  • Since launch, almost 20% of all developers have responded to at least one customer review.
  • 5% of customers update their app review after receiving a developer response.
  • Developers see an average increase of +1.2 stars in their app rating when they use this capability to respond to questions and inform customers of updates to their app. This shows that both customers and developers are benefiting from this communication.

The ability to respond to customer reviews in an inappropriate manner can result in user complaints. Which is why Microsoft is updating their guidelines for developers responding to user review:

  • Don't include any marketing content or ads in your response: your reviewer is already your customer.
  • Don't promote other apps or services in your response
  • Your response should be directly related to a specific app and review. Duplicating the same response to a large number of users is not allowed if the canned response doesn't address the same question
  • Don't include any profane, aggressive, personal, or malicious comments in your response. Always be polite and keep in mind that happy customers will likely be your app's biggest promoters.
Don't know how to use this feature? Here's our quick tutorial for the Developers:
  • Go to Windows Dev Center (Login with your Microsoft credentials).
  • Select the Dashboard for Windows Phone.
  • Then select one of your published apps and look at the reviews screen. 
  • You will see the “Respond” link in the lower right corner of the review, write your response in the text box and then press Send.

NOTE: You might not see the Respond link for all reviews. For example, you won’t be able to respond to reviews that were created on devices outside the U.S. that aren't running Windows Phone 8.1, or to reviews written by customers who have chosen not to receive review responses.

My own words on this feature:
Being a Developer, I love this feature. I use it daily to understand why someone gives a low rating to my app so that I can rectify that problem. It helps me a lot to understand the user needs. I try to reply all the reviews, whether they are some kind or some rude words. It helps me to understand the needs and work accordingly on my apps and also plan features for the future updates.

So, some nice insights into how the program has been doing since launch. Hey devs, let us know what you think of the program so far!
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Friday, 12 September 2014

Windows 9's new Start menu demonstrated on video

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While Microsoft is making final preparations to reveal Windows 9 on 30th September, we are seeing a bunch of leaks from yesterday including the new Start Menu.  German site WinFuture has posted a two-minute video that demonstrates how the Start menu works in the next major release of Windows. As you’d expect, it’s very similar to what Microsoft demonstrated with traditional apps mixing with modern apps (and their Live Tiles) into a familiar Start menu.
The account options have been placed at the top of the Start menu for now, allowing you to lock and sign out of a machine, while shutdown and restart options can be access by a visible button alongside the account section. The new Start menu consists of two sections: one for a list of traditional apps in the familiar left pane, and a new section on the right that consists mainly of modern apps with Live Tiles. However, the right section can collapse to make way for Start menu users to dig into File Explorer, otherwise it appears to work just like the Windows 7 menu with options to pin apps and browse through a list of all apps.

Once more and more apps are pinned to the Start menu, it expands automatically and there are options to resize Tiles in a way that’s identical to the regular Start screen in Windows 8. While this new Start menu clearly isn’t designed for tablet users, there appears to be an option to “use the Start menu instead of the Start screen” for those with mouse and keyboard users. That will likely be enabled by default, and Microsoft may even remove the fullscreen Start screen altogether for desktop users in favor of a Start menu that expands.
Floating modern apps are also demonstrated several times during the video, and they appear to work as you would expect. Modern apps will no longer need to be snapped into position or run fullscreen, instead they work like traditional Windows apps and can be resized freely. This is only a very early look at the next version of Windows, expected to be named just Windows or Windows 9, and the user interface of the desktop is bound to change significantly by the time this ships next year. Microsoft is expected to distribute an early Windows Technical Preview at the end of the month or early October so that developers and enterprise customers can evaluate the many changes the company is making.

Via: TheVerge

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Xbox Video gets a minor bug fixing update

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Head to the Windows Phone Store, and you will find a new update for Xbox Video. The app was bumped to v2.6.284 but there is nothing new in the update. But wait, there's more!

Xbox Video 2.6.284:

  • Improved status messages during content downloads
  • Fixed an issue that caused HD purchase to be unavailable for some content
  • Polish fixes and general improvements

Not bad at all. As you can see, the full changelog reveals that Microsoft is still hard at work updating their Video app, and it is coming along nicely. Nevertheless, I'll leave the final verdict to you in comments.
Remember, if you have a feature that you want, suggest or vote for them at Microsoft's Xbox Video UserVoice! You can find the site here.
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Display bezel reveals Microsoft branding for a Lumia phone

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File this story under 'likely', but a few photos of the display bezel for a Lumia phone are making the rounds. Although factory parts are run of the mill, this one is unique since it allegedly sports Microsoft near the top instead of Nokia.
The photos were obtained by French site Nowhereelse.fr a "few weeks ago," although they supposedly held back on them due to lack of corroborating evidence. Yesterday, Geeks on Gadgets gave them that confirmation as they reportedly got their hands on an internal document revealing the phasing out of Nokia in exchange for Microsoft in the coming months, with Lumia being the brand name going forward.
As to which phone the bezel belongs to, it is hard to tell. The bezel-style with speaker, front-facing camera, and sensors match the Lumia 930, Lumia 830 and Lumia 73x. However, due to the thinness near the bottom (see on photos from the source), it suggests that this phone employs on-screen keys rather than one imprinted on the bezel itself. Because of that, we are leaning on a Lumia 73x bezel, even it does look rather large for a 4.7-inch device.

Alternatively, it is simply a phone we have never seen before and an early prototype.

One other possible explanation is when this phone goes on sale in the US, as we reported yesterday for Verizon Wireless the Lumia 735 may take on Microsoft branding. The US market seems more accustomed to Microsoft than Nokia as a brand for smartphones, and this may be the first test case for the company.

Source: Nowhereelse.fr; Via;WPCentral 
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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Windows 9-leaked screenshots

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Computer based posted multiple screenshots of Windows 9 Technical Preview. This leaked screenshots has revealed number of upcoming features in Windows Threshold.

So Here are some leaked specs of windows 9,

1.)Start Menu having Live Tiles and other modern apps.
2.)switching between multiple desktop environments.
3.)Notifications center accessible from taskbar.
4.) Charms bar options in a new menu in the title bar of the app.

so Will u prefer windows 9 over 8.1?
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Lumia 920 to Lumia 830..Upgrade?

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Not able to decide weather 920 or 830? Well, our host also has the same confusion.Jashan is looking to buy 830,(perhaps he owns 920) but still following are the main features that attracted him.

  • Quad core processor over dual core processor
  • Improved Camera
  • Gorilla Glass3 instead of gorilla glass
  •  Size 5 inch from 4.5
  • Already updated to Lumia Denim
  • Passive voice activation to cortana
  • a micro SD Slot whereas 920 has limit of 32 GB.
  • More battery life(2200 mah)

So What are you upto?
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Spider-Man Unlimited lands onto Windows Phone

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Are you waiting for some superhero action? The wait ends as Gameloft's latest addition Spider-Man Ultimate slings on the Windows Phone Store. The game is a endless runner based on the comics, so there are plenty of villains for you to combat. This is the first free Spider-Man game from Gameloft, and the studio has indicated that new characters will be released in a timely fashion. Before we head into the details, we want to request readers with 512 MB RAM devices to quit the article as it may give you disappointment at the end.
Here's what you're getting in the game:

  • The first Spider-Man web-runner! Swing, run and fight through chaotic Manhattan in over 5 different Marvel environments!
  • Go beyond a runner with unique gameplay! Battle dimensional super villains, swing, wall-climb and skydive!
  • Play story mode with 5 boss battles and 25 missions per Issue! New daily events with spectacular rewards in Event mode! Or climb up the leaderboards in Unlimited mode!
  • A continuing episodic adventure: The Sinister Six are moving from dimension to dimension – and our world is next! But it ends now… with an army of Spider-Men!
  • Dive into an extensive Marvel Universe spanning over 50 years of Spider-Man with iconic characters, including multiple variations of each villain, as well as Nick Fury, Mary Jane, and Black Cat!
  • Written with an experienced Spider-Man comic writer to ensure a faithful recreation of the Spider-Man Comics!
  • Summon, collect and play with tons of Spider-Man cards from the Marvel Universe, including Spider-Man Noir, Cosmic Spider-Man, and Scarlet Spider!
  • Collect, fuse, and level up your Spider-Men, each with their own unique in-game benefits, and send them on Spidey Ops missions!
The game itself is free, although there are in-app purchases. Also, if you're on the HTC 8X, you won't be able to install the game. We don't know why this is the case, but we'll let you know once we know more.
As we already requested our readers, the game is NOT supported on 512 MB RAM. It requires 1 GB RAM or more to work.
If you have a device that supports the game, then go ahead and give it a spin.

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App Update Roundup: Skype and Nokia Camera receives updates

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It is morning here and we are looking forward two of the most popular Windows Phone apps getting new updates. They may not come under one category but definitely are the most popular apps on the Store. We are looking forward to Skype and Nokia Camera updates today. So, let's head down for full info on both of the updates.


Microsoft has updated the Skype app for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, adding a new location sharing feature for the first time, among other new features.
Here's the change log for the new 2.22 version of the Skype Windows Phone app:
  • Location Sharing- Click the '+' icon in a chat and select 'share location' to share your location with the people in your conversation
  • Save Picture - To save a photo: tap the image to enlarge it, then tap for more menu options and select 'save photo'
  • Notification Controls for Individual Conversations - In a chat, tap for more options and select 'notifications'. Here you can choose to turn notifications for that conversation on or off, so you're only notified about incoming messages if you want to be.

Nokia Camera:

Microsoft has pushed out an update for its Nokia Camera app on Lumia Windows Phones. While the company has yet to change the name, it's positive to see the app be bumped to later versions to match the beta program. Looking across to the beta counterpart (which also sits on reveals that this update contains the following bug fixes and minor improvements. Nothing major but an update all the same.

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Microsoft increases OneDrive file size limit, adds more features

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Microsoft has now officially announced it has increased the file size limit on its OneDrive cloud storage service from 2 GB to 10 GB. The file size increase was noted by some OneDrive users a couple of weeks ago but today Microsoft confirmed the boost.
In addition, Microsoft is rolling out some more OneDrive improvements for PC and Mac users, increasing the number of files that can be uploaded or downloaded at one time. Microsoft said, "In internal tests, this parallel syncing netted an approximately threefold increase in syncing speed."
Microsoft has now officially announced it has increased the file size limit on its OneDrive cloud storage service from 2 GB to 10 GB. The file size increase was noted by some OneDrive users a couple of weeks ago but today Microsoft confirmed the boost.
In addition, Microsoft is rolling out some more OneDrive improvements for PC and Mac users, increasing the number of files that can be uploaded or downloaded at one time. Microsoft said, "In internal tests, this parallel syncing netted an approximately threefold increase in syncing speed."

Via: WPCentral
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Jawbone shows off Windows Phone app screenshots

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It was only a few days back when Jawbone teased Windows Phone users with their upcoming app and at the start of the year they also asked the Windows Phone Community for an app developer. The company did give a sneak peek at Jawbone on Windows Phone on a blog post recently.
Yesterday, Jawbone detailed how they were opening up their APIs to allow other devices and services to hook into the Jawbone. They also announced they'd be launching a new UP app later this month on compatible smartphones. In the picture you see your usual Android and iPhone renders, but also one for Windows Phone.
We'll let you know when the app launches, but for now there's your early look at the app on Windows Phone.
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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Opera updates its private Beta app, encourages users to provide feedback

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Just launched yesterday on Windows Phone, Opera had pushed an update for its beta app. After covering the app itself and using it for some time, it's clear to see there's some work to do. The team behind the app have already released an update today and are actively encouraging everyone to provide feedback to help them work on bugs and improvements.
Opera's Espen has been navigating through the comments on our previous article, urging everyone to head over to the Opera forum to really help the team out with further details on suggestions and general feedback. We'd like to relay that request and ask everyone who's using the beta to provide feedback on the Opera community. Espen also notes the team are already working on patches and fixes (which could be what today's update addressed).

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Third Party Secret app heading to Windows Phone in less than 24 hrs

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Popular dev and Windows Phone star developer is back again with another third party app for the Windows Phone users. The developer has already given users popular apps like 6tag for Instagram, 6snap for SnapChat, Wikipedia and more. Add Secret to the list and we believe it will be awesome as always. However, he didn't told the actual name of the app.
Don't know about secret? Secret is an iOS and Android app that allows people to share messages anonymously within their circle of friends, friends of friends, and publicly. It differs from other anonymous sharing apps such as PostSecret, Whisper, and Yik Yak in that it is intended for sharing primarily with friends, potentially making it more interesting and addictive for people reading the updates.
Look below for the tweet he posted detailing the current status of the app.

The app looks promising to us. What are your thoughts? Share below.
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Alcatel Pop 2 will be first Windows Phone with a 64-bit processor

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Alcatel has plans to launch a Windows Phone-based version of its Android smartphone, the Pop 2, and it will be the first such phone for Microsoft's mobile OS that will have a 64-bit processor provided by Qualcomm.
The Alcatel Pop 2 is a Windows Phone version of the Android handset of the same name, and like the HTC One for Windows has exactly the same specs as the Android version.
To the benefit of the Windows Phone, this means the device comes with 1 GB RAM as standard, despite only having a 4.5 inch FWVGA screen, and the latest Snapdragon 410 processor running at 1.2 Ghz, which in fact means it is the first Windows Phone with a 64 bit processor and the Adreno 306 GPU.
The device otherwise features 8GB storage, a 4 megapixel rear camera with LED flash, VGA front camera, 2000 mAh battery and most importantly LTE support, which for the 119 Euro price point makes it a steal over the Nokia Lumia 635, which is 40 euro more expensive.
The handset is 9.9mm thick and weighs 147g and will be available in white, blue, purple, green, red and yellow. It will also be available in Dual-SIM.
However, there's no word yet on when the Alcatel Pop 2 for Windows will be released. What do you think of this latest budget priced Windows Phone?
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Opera Mini beta comes to Windows Phone

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Finally after waiting for almost 4 years, Opera has launched its mobile browser for Windows Phone OS. A few days ago, the company started to take the signups for the Beta app. Opera Mini is well know for being extremely fast due to pre-rendering content on a separate server and then only sending necessary data to handsets. It has more than 250 million users.
Here's a quick list of the Opera Mini's features:

  • Speed Dial - Set all your favorite websites on the home screen of the browser. Add as many entries as you like!
  • Smart Page - Smart Page gives you instant updates from all your social sites on one screen.
  • Tabs – Have more webpages open at the same time, allowing you to switch quickly between them while browsing.
  • Save pages - Save pages you like for later reading, or for times you're not connected to the internet.
What do you think of this early public version of Opera Mini for Windows Phone?

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Lumia 830 expected to arrive in India this October

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Are you one of those who is wondering when the newly announced Lumia 830 will arrive? Here's a great news for you then. According to IBN, Microsoft is considering a launch in the month of October, with the device estimated to be priced in the vicinity of INR 26,000 (which comes out to $430).
For that price, you get a 5-inch 720p display, quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, microSD card slot up to 128 GB, 10 MP PureView camera, 0.9 MP front camera, LTE Category 4 connectivity (150 Mbps downstream), Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 2200 mAh battery. The Lumia 830 is among the first batch of devices that come with the Lumia Denim update out of the box.

According to Microsoft's Chris Weber:

We want to continue to push point lower and lower than anything we have today. That's the statement for both 3G and LTE (4G) because that is the thing which gives us scale of the ecosystem.
 By offering the device for under INR 30,000 ($500), Microsoft is looking to gain more traction in the mid-tier segment in the country, one that is currently dominated by Android devices like HTC's dual-SIM One E8.
With no sight of the Lumia 930 in the country, it looks like the Lumia 830 will be the torchbearer for Microsoft in India. The introduction of LTE-enabled devices like the Lumia 635 will be a welcome addition. Weber also mentioned that Microsoft was in talks with carriers in the country for collaborations on LTE-enabled devices.
Are you guys excited by the launch of Lumia 830 in India? Let us know your thoughts below.
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Saturday, 6 September 2014

UC Browser Beta becomes public, available for everyone

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If you are one of the user who was dying from past few days to try UC Browser Private Beta then here is the super exciting news for you. UC Browser team has opened the Beta app from public, that means you can enjoy the new experience without the hassle of sending Beta Emails or requesting Beta team to add you.
You can now download the beta app and take part in their UX Improvement program and shape the direction of the app.

UC Browser 4.0 Preview features:

  • Visit as PC By entering Desktop mode, you can now experience the full features of webpages as if you were on a PC.
  • Flexible Modes Includes Night Mode, Speed Mode, Incognito Browsing, Text-only Browsing. Added a brightness control for Night Mode.
  • Customized Themes Lockscreen Wallpaper Change the browser skin from the UC Theme Center.  These can also be used as lockscreen wallpapers.
  • Multi-tabs management Multiple tabs help you switch between different sites without refreshing.
  • QR Code Scanning Scan QR codes or use QR code images already in your phone.
  • Speed Dial Speed Dial and Site Navigation offer you a convenient way to access your favorite sites, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo and NY times.Also you can easy get apps like IRCTC, yatra, Wechat etc. from UC Browser
  • Upgraded Sharing Found a great picture or webpage? Share to Facebook,Twitter and more directly within UC Browser.
  • Cool New UI
The UC Browser Preview is now available free on the Windows Phone Store. Grab it from Here and make sure you keep on reporting the bugs to the team so that they can make the browsing experience more fluid and fun for you.
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Friday, 5 September 2014

Say hello to the Notification Center in Windows Threshold

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We have some more info on the unannounced Windows Threshold and this time it is pretty interesting. With an expected release date of September 30th for the technical preview, Microsoft is quickly putting together some final pieces before they release the OS for testing by those outside the walls of Microsoft.
One feature that many suspected would be coming to the OS, seeing that it is now on Windows Phone, is a notification center. In fact, that feature is indeed coming to Windows Threshold and we have some details to share with you.
In the later builds of Threshold, a new notification center is now present that works exactly like you would expect; a central area of the OS that highlights notifications.
The current functionality has the notification center launching from the system tray and much like Windows Phone, notifications are sorted by the app that triggers the event. There is also a button that allows you to quickly clear all of your notifications or you can remove them one by one.
The notification center, unlike Windows Phone, does not take over the entire screen but lives in a small window in the bottom right corner of the desktop. The size of the window right now is fixed and if you have a long list of notifications, you can scroll up and down; the current background of the window is white and has a very clean look to it.
The current iteration is quite basic and doesn't offer any advanced functionality like Windows Phone where there are shortcuts to feature settings. More features will likely be added as the feature matures but right now, it is quite basic.
That about sums it up for the notification feature for Threshold but when you bundle this one in with all of the other updates that will be included, this is a very significant update for Windows and one that consumers will likely adore.

Source & Image Credits: Neowin
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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lumia Selfie app makes its way to the Windows Phone Store

| |
Today, in Berlin Microsoft announced the Lumia 730 selfie focused phone and a smart app that helps users to take selfies with the new precision and accurately. The app has just made its way to the Windows Phone Store. This takes over the previous GlamMe app.
The Lumia Selfie app comes with a host of filters and image correction tools that allow you to take the perfect selfie. Also included is an auto enhancement mode that automagically enhances your photos so that they're ready to be shared on your preferred social networks.
Head on below to download the Lumia Selfie app, and let us know what you think of it.

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Lumia Denim will bring passive voice activation to Cortana

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As hinted earlier this summer by Marcus Ash from Cortana team, passive voice activation is coming to Windows Phone to catch up with Android and iOS. Arriving later this fall with the newly announced 'Lumia Denim' firmware update, some Lumias are getting the hands-free feature named 'Hey Cortana.' Users with smartphones featuring the Snapdragon 80x chipsets, like the Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, and Lumia 1520 can all take advantage of the Cortana extension.
After a brief training session whereby the phone learns your specific voice, users will be able to call up Cortana by simply saying 'Hey, Cortana' (or any other name they bequeath to the voice-assistant). Cortana then wakes up and takes your inquiry. Such a feature allows users to use Cortana without ever touching their phone, which is perfect if you are across the room, have your hands full, are driving or other situations where it is more convenient to go hands-free.
Presumably other phones like HTC's new One M8 for Windows Phone can do the same, as that phone has the necessary hardware, but it also needs a firmware/OS update to enable the new feature. For Microsoft and their Lumia line, 'Hey Cortana' is supposed to launch with the new Lumia Denim firmware and OS update expected later this fall.

Source: WPCental
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Full feature list of Lumia Denim firmware update

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Today is definitely a day for Windows Phone Fan community. We are off from Berlin where Microsoft announced a new firmware update for Windows Phone 8.1 handsets. The new firmware is named as Lumia Denim, according to the tradition of Microsoft naming firmwares as colour names. This update will bring Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 to retail phones in addition to firmware features unique to Lumia. Look forward to improvements for Lumia Camera and more.
Lumia Denim cements Microsoft's leadership in mobile imaging. As you already know, some of the features in Nokia Camera update works only in flagship devices due to hardware limitations. Look forward to the following features coming in Lumia Denim for handsets like the Lumia 930, Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520:

  • Speed: Never miss a moment with Lumia Camera and its fast camera startup and capture speeds. Take numerous photos with just milliseconds beyond shots.
  • High definition: Using Moment Capture, a long press of the camera button within the app automatically starts 4K-quality video recording at 24 frames per second. Each frame is of high image quality at 8.3 megapixels, allowing every single video frame to be selected and saved as a still image.
  • Intuitiveness: Get the best shot every time with Rich Capture, which simplifies picture-taking with auto HDR and Dynamic Flash. With Rich Capture, people can avoid the hassle adjusting camera settings; they can shoot first and edit and select the perfect shot later.
  • Quality: Capture high-quality smartphone images in low light with the latest-generation imaging algorithms.

Apart from the above Lumia exclusive features, Lumia Denim update will include the Windows Phone 8.1 update features.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update:

  • Cortana – The most personal digital assistant on the market will now be available in the UK and China as a Beta. India, Canada and Australia will have access to Cortana as a public Alpha. For US residents, Cortana now includes an improved natural language, car kit integration via Bluetooth for contacts, snooze reminders and calendar improvements.
  • Live folders – If you prefer to keep your apps or games organised, you can now put them into folders. Simply press, hold and drag an app over another to create a new folder on the Start screen. Each folder can be renamed by tapping on the text field above the open folder.
  • Apps Corner – Create a customised Start screen, where only specific apps or games are accessible. This could be particularly useful in the workplace if you’re issuing Windows Phones to employees.
  • SMS merge and forwarding – Select individual text messages to either delete them out of a messaging thread, or to copy and past them into a new message in order to forward them.
  • Snooze Times – It’s now possible to customise the snooze time within the Alarm app.
  • Consumer VPN – Maintain privacy and security when using data while connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots or even with your home Wi-Fi.
  • Mobile Web Site improvements in IE – Connect and browse even faster with improved downloading speeds on mobile websites.
  • Store Live Tile (US only) – The Store Live Tile displays featured apps and games that are the most popular in the Store, or most relevant for you.
Look forward to Lumia Denim rolling out to the Lumia 930, Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520 in Q4 2014. It'll then come to the Lumia 830 in that same time frame as an over-the-air update. Additional handsets will get Lumia Denim after partner testing and approvals.

Source: WPCentral
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Forget Debian Red, the next version of WP may be called Lumia Denim

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We are almost ready to get another update for our Windows Phone devices. As the IFA event is about to start in less than an hour and WPDang reports that their sources have revealed the code name for the next version of Windows Phone 8.1 specially customized by Microsoft Mobile.
The update follows Lumia Amber, Lumia Black and Lumia Cyan, and according to their sources Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 will be called Lumia Denim.
The update is said to be ready to announce at IFA today, and will be rolling out to the Nokia Lumia 930/1520/Lumia Icon and also the Lumia 830 very soon after.
Other, presumably less powerful handsets will have to wait till Q4 2014 for the software, who’s exact features have yet to be revealed, but will of course include the GDR1 feature such as Folders that many of us are already using.
The rumour of course competes with a recent leaked screen shot which showed the next version of Windows Phone 8.1 will be called Lumia Debian Red.  That name is however not exactly Microsoft, so we would not be surprised to see it changed to something more true blue.

Source: WPDang
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