Friday, 20 March 2015

App Review : Listonic - A very smart shopping list app for Windows Phone

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Are you a Shopaholic? Do you often take a shopping list with you or use some note taking app for managing your shopping list? If yes, then you must be frustrated in managing those lists! Well, Look no further, Listonic is a very smart shopping list app available for Windows Phone. Its not like some other normal app where you just create a list of items on your own and then manage it. 
In Listonic the main shopping items like Egg, Bread, Milk etc. are already given so you don't have to write them in your shopping list just a tick will do all the work. You know what's the best part? It syncs across devices that means you can share your shopping list with your family and friends and that's really cool! Something I loved the most about this app. 
- Featured as "Best Mobile app" on The Next Web Startup Awards.
The app is very simple and easy to use. Let's take a look at the app:

  • When you open the app it shows you the main screen where you can manage(add/edit/delete) your shopping lists. Below that there is a "Log In" button which lets you login through Listonic or facebook.

  • Swype will take you to another screen which consists of Trash, Settings and Suggestions. Under Trash you have an option of getting back your deleted list! Under settings you can choose the language of the app, Manage notifications, Live tiles, Tips settings etc.
List Making :


You can give a name to your shopping list, Delete it, Duplicate it, Change name, Pin your list to start for quicker access and share it. Now, after you name your list it asks you add items which you can by adding it manually or Use the quick list already available in the app where you have loads of items like Milk, Chicken, Chocolates etc. where you can add the items to your list by just clicking the "Tick" icon and add it to favorites by clicking "Heart" icon.
After done adding the items to your shopping list you will start getting tips about the items(see the screenshot below), you can see the price of the items, share, sort etc.
This is a very useful app for people who often go for shopping.
Get the app from store for free here or scan the QR code below.


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